Aboriginal Tour Alice Springs

A respectful look at the history and culture of our region

Sensitively gain insight and cultural awareness with local First Nations, Indigenous or Aboriginal Peoples of this remarkable region of Central Australia. Get up closer and personal with the country, people and stories of our first people in their communities and within their art studios and galleries.

Learn about local Aboriginal language, the importance of kinship, the deeply-rooted culture, the immense value of bush medicine, and the the vital skills involved with finding and preparing bush food.

Some of the highlights of Aboriginal culture and art on our tours include the huge mural at the Coles Supermarket depicting our First People, the arrival of Europeans, road transport development and one of our greatest national treasures, the famous Albert Namatjira painting the landscapes of the outback.

Take part in a bush food and bush medicine experience where you will be introduced to how to find the Witchetty grub, a vital source of protein as well as a number of sources of bush food and medicine that are not immediately obvious to the naked eye.

Take in the vibrant colours and visual stories as we explore the best Indigenous arts centres in Alice Springs showcasing traditional and modern interpretations of some of the oldest stories on the planet as well as a new generation’s own stories of overcoming and growth in the modern world.

Visit the community of Titjikala (also known locally as Tapatjatjaka) where the population holds a deep and sacred connection to their history and culture. The town’s population almost entirely speak Pitjantjatjara as a reflection of this connection to their homeland and culture. As an often-awarded Territory Tidy Town, this oasis in the desert will show you a side of remote Aboriginal town culture not often seen.

All of our tours at Wild Honey Travels are related in some way to the people who have been the owners and custodians of the Country we walk on. We are proud to acknowledge the people who have inhabited this country since time immemorial.

Wild Honey Travels® Tours

Alice Springs – Central Arrernte. Santa Teresa – Eastern Arrernte. Titjikala – Southern Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara. Hermannsburg – Western Arrarnta, Luritja. Yuendumu – Walpari.  Papunya – Luritja.