Namatjira Tour Alice Springs

See the country that gave rise to a national treasure

The landscapes of Alice Springs and Central Australia are synonymous with the name Albert Namatjira. This national icon of art is from this part of the world. And the legacy he has left behind continues to this day.

With our tours,  you can travel to the historic Lutheran mission, Hermannsburg (also known as Ntaria) where the great man grew up and lived his celebrated life.  Learn the history of this region, it’s impact on arts and culture through to this day and feel the Country and how imbues everything around it and in it, with its colour. This is part of the great legacy of Albert Namatjira.  

His contribution to a movement of watercolour artists (Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands arts centre) and civil rights for Aboriginal people in a time when things were very different than what they are today.  

Visit the house Albert built on the bank of the Finke River for his family.  Sing along and sway to the good vibrations of the famous Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir featured in the documentary The Song Keepers. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. And if time allows we can request a  visit the Hermannsburg Potters as well.

Wild Honey Travels can take you there!

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Alice Springs – Central Arrernte. Santa Teresa – Eastern Arrernte. Titjikala – Southern Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara. Hermannsburg – Western Arrarnta, Luritja. Yuendumu – Walpari.