Outback Tour Alice Springs

From a town like Alice to the Never Never

On a map, it just looks like empty space. From the ground, it’s a very different story. This ancient landscape hides spaces that are teeming with life. The tracks we walk on were formed long before Europeans arrived on this continent. And the stories grow only deeper and richer with time. This is a land of endless Dreaming and limitless variety formed by nature under a boundless sky.

From Alice Springs, we travel outback dirt roads that are only accessible by 4WD. We stop to explore historical landmarks, important natural conservation reserves, famous national parks and take detours via remote Aboriginal communities to mix with the locals, experience the local culture and visit the local art studios. 

Some of our tours travel alongside the Old Ghan Track, the Finke Desert Race track and the Old Telegraph Line where nature has reclaimed many of these historic sites. Our adventures cross wild cattle stations where we’ll encounter the occasional mob of donkeys, wild camels and mobs of wild brumbies searching for water in the few rivers and creeks fed by springs and refreshed by the rare rains during the slightly wetter times of the year. Enjoy identifying native plants and learn to sit still enough to spot elusive native animals that are often shy and only come out when there’s no one around. And of course, the natural geography of this stunning land speaks for itself. Soaring peaks, rolling hills, red earth and blue sky. There’s nothing quite like our Outback.

Wild Honey Travels® Outback Tours

Alice Springs – Central Arrernte. East MacDonnell Ranges & Santa Teresa – Eastern Arrernte. Titjikala – Southern Arrernte, Pitjantjatjara. West MacDonnell Ranges & Hermannsburg – Western Arrarnta, Luritja. Yuendumu – Walpari.  Papunya – Luritja.