MacDonnell Ranges

East & West 2 Ways Tour

West MacDonnell Ranges. East MacDonnell Ranges.  Simpson Gap. Emily Gap.  Rock Art.  Ethically operated Indigenous art gallery/studio.  Aboriginal owned & operated bush medicine, social enterprise.

Details & Highlights

Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges is part of the Arrernte peoples’ home lands.   At the beginning of time, ancestors emerged from earth to create geologic magnificence, water then native fauna and vegetation to energise all life.  In the sand of a dry creek bed which has forged a path through a hard place, connect with the souls of your feet   Nurture your mind, body, spirit and smile.  Journey to the East Mac’s where Yipirinya (Ayepe-arenye) Dreaming is painted with ochre in a Gap on the side of an ancient rock.  As time moves, so does art.  Experience contemporary Indigenous art at an ethically operated gallery/studio. Inspired by Bush People, visit an Indigenous owned and operated social enterprise.  Naturally occurring medicinal plants have been expertly harvested using unbroken traditional knowledge.  Learn how natural bush remedies were and still are used to help ailments such as aches, joint inflammation, skin conditions and more.  A heathy dose of ancient wisdom just for you!

* Please note,  visitation to Indigenous communities or meeting with Indigenous Peoples is dependent on the local community, organisation, business, family group or individuals. Arrangements with Indigenous Peoples are not guaranteed should cultural and family obligations arise. Should an arrangement become unavailable, surrounding landscape, natural beauty and adventure remains a fulfilling and special experience. Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.

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