Wild Dog Country Tour

Hermannsburg & Rodna

Details & Highlights

Journey into Wild Dog Country through the gateway of the West MacDonnells with woodland valleys afoot. Your eyes drawn to soaring birds on thermals getting high.  Imagine, the Ranges were once as high as the Himalayas.  Giant caterpillars crawl upon the brilliant orange quartzite ridge tops.   Arrive to an Indigenous community where the people of Western Arrarnta and other Countries strongly uphold their cultural identity living in and along side modern society.  White washed colonial buildings tell of the arrival.   A cottage garden, herbs and fruit trees now thrive with modern irrigation.  From a by gone era to now, together with an Indigenous Guide, learn of another state, on Country.  A natural state created by great ancestors’ adventures.  Ponder, appreciate, perhaps swim with darting fish in a wet stretch of the ancient Finke River to which only you and the Guide has access.  Discover Wild Dog Country!

* Please note, visitation to Indigenous communities or meeting with Indigenous Peoples is dependent on the Covid Policy of the local community, organisation or jurisdiction.  Arrangements with Indigenous Peoples are not guaranteed should cultural and family obligations arise.  Should an arrangement become unavailable, surrounding landscape, natural beauty and adventure remains a fulfilling and special experience.   Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.

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