Unique Experiences

Details & Higlights

This outback town of only 25, 000 people (give or take) presents over 25 festivals and events.  Alice Springs buzzes with excitement in Autumn, Winter & Spring.  Characters and personalities, colourful, creative and physical pursuits flow from one week into the next.   Seriously, consider a unique Alice Springs festival or experience. 

…Camel races, dirt bike races, drag queen races, boat races, drag strip races, horse races, foot races, peddle races, games for mature athletes… Fine art, beanies, sustainable couture, wearable art, quilting, street art…  Poetry, writers, phoney films, ancient story telling along side cutting edge technology, short films, theatre, comedy … Markets, agricultural show, old time fetes, rodeo… Music fests, heavy metal, bush bands, choral, classical, world, blues … then at the end of the day, tickle your throat with a beer, crafted right here!

Experience the thrill of ballooning, gliding, helicopter, can-am, mountain bike, camel riding.  Spot native animals in a Desert Park, feel the warmth of a reptile.

Wonder at invention, ingenuity, persistence, endurance.  Bush medicines and foods, Old Timers, Old Telegraph Station, Old Ghan Heritage Railway, National Transport – vintage, Royal Flying Doctors, School of the Air,  Women’s Museum of Australia, Megafauna, Central Australian Museum, Aviation, The Residency.  

Galleries – local artists and beyond invite us to feel, think, reflect and question.  A visual feast of shapes, colours and textures.   Pieces of national contemporary significance asserting historical meaning of place and space.

Lifelong memories from the heart of Australia!