Chambers Pillar

Parallel Time Tour

Chambers Pillar. Finke Desert Race Track meets with the Simpson Desert Sand Dunes. Old Ghan Train Track. Overland Telegraph Line. Indigenous Community Art.

Details & Highlights

Dusty corrugated dirt roads through outback cattle stations, travel alongside time on Southern Arrernte lands.  Learn the story of a menacing ancestor, going ‘wrong way’.  Lessons of kinship starkly evidenced by a towering sandstone pillar standing solitary on the edge of the Simpson Desert.  Walk and discover animal tracks leading to spinifex shelters.  Small birds forage and raptors soar.  Lizards scuttle away.  After good rain, wildflowers burst with colour, pink, yellow, orange, purple, white.  Climb the stairs upward to Itirkawara, named Chambers Pillar by the first Explorers. It remained a land mark for Pioneers of the new world.  Relics of the Overland Telegraph Line and old Ghan Train rail line can be sighted as we drive parallel to the famous Finke Desert race track.  One of the world’s most challenging off-road motor races in one of the most remote parts of the world.  By special request only, visit the community arts centre situated in the Titjikala Community on Southern Arrernte Country.  A community initially made up of displaced peoples from surrounding Countries who came to work on the cattle station in return for rations.  Now a relatively modern community.  Be inspired!

* Please note, visitation to Indigenous communities or meeting with Indigenous Peoples is dependent on the local community, organisation, business, family group or individuals. Arrangements with Indigenous Peoples are not guaranteed should cultural and family obligations arise.  Should an arrangement become unavailable, surrounding landscape, natural beauty and adventure remains a fulfilling and special experience. Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.

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