Ormiston Pound & Gorge

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Seize the day, spend an extended amount of time at one of the most exquisite destinations in the West MacDonnell Ranges.  Experience NT time, slow down, soak up what is the essence of the MacDonnell ranges, found here at Ormiston Gorge.  A day trip from Alice Springs. Easy to Medium walks across semi-arid country.  Easy walks – flat, compact dirt paths.  Medium walks – dirt paths, sandy creek bed, up/down hill and or scrambling over rocks.  Soaring orange cliffs hang high above a once raging watercourse that left behind a lazy waterhole. There are boulders to lie upon like a lazy lizard in the hot sun after a swim (warmer months).  Walk, swim, explore nature, relax, contemplate, dream!  If inclined, a visit to beautiful Glen Helen on the salty sands of the ancient and wet Finke River, abreast the majestic Mt Sonder is not out of the question.  But a 10 minute drive from Ormiston Gorge.

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