Tjorita - West MacDonnell Ranges National Park

South of the Larapinta Trail Tour

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Tjoritja, the West MacDonnell Ranges National Park is a wonderous marvel stretching through the lands of proud Arrarnta/Arrernte peoples. It’s an international site of conservation significance.  Discover a geological passage through ancient times, captured in a series of long parallel ridges, a home for native plants endemic to semi-arid and surprisingly wet bio-regions.  Orange, pink quartzite capped ridges occasionally interrupted by scenic mountains, breathtaking gaps, gorges and chasms. Permanent waterholes afoot, rockholes, upside down creeks and ochre banks are sanctuaries for native wildlife to frolic, contribute and replenish energy. You might even spot the black footed wallaby.   Tjorita, is also the home of the Larapinta Trail.  If you don’t have 10 to 14 days to spare or the fitness to walk the Larapinta Trail, this tour is your opportunity to participate, connect experience and appreciate.  Nearby walks are chosen to compliment your fitness and abilities.  Paths are suitable for walking aids and wheelchairs.  You’ll also have time to rest and taste the delights lovingly prepared by Arrertne owned and or operated cafes.  You might want to come back for more!  Tjorita, a place of sheer beauty, ancestral adventures and magical moments.  When you visit Alice Springs – Mparntwe, Tjoritja West MacDonnell Ranges National Park is a must!

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Half Day Details & Highlights

You don’t have a full day but you ‘must’ experience at least some of the West MacDonnell Ranges.  This tour will enable you to get out to Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm and even Ellery Bighole.  Or swap out Ellery Bighole for a short town tour or visit an Indigenous owned and or ethically operated art gallery or studio.  At the end of your tour, you might like to get dropped off in town at a gallery or museum (check business hours) to spend an extended amount of time at your leisure.  With a local guide who has local knowledge rest assured, you’ll get the most out of your half day.  It’s worth it!

Private Half Day Tour

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